✏️ seeeeseeeeseee is a creative studio focusing on print and photography. Balancing their time between creating self-initiated projects and commissioned work.

πŸ’Ύ a studio that is super confident in making decisions related to design but less comfortable with writing a self promoting text. yet still giving it a shot to throw together some triggering words that will spark your enthusiasm.
a studio that is driven by the tension that exists between viewer and the work (or rather, the author of the work). it’s unpredictable and therefor a wild game to play. concepts that tackle this fascination find their form through experiment and research. this approach is based on instinct and intuition. thus creating a strong body of work which stretches from photography to print .
a studio that is characterized by an open proces and invites collaborations. it all leads to unexpected results which are the most satisfying results.

🚩 The studio is founded by Saskia Bosch in 2015. She completed her Bachelor of Graphic Design at the Art Academy of Utrecht, NL.

πŸ“¬ Get in touch with me for collaborations, questions, or work enquiries at
info [at] see-see-see.com

check out the playground RE:RE:RE:
initiated with Manon Kersten