“new talent” illustration, 2017

tivolivredenburg staff party poster, 2017

pub quiz announcement poster, 2017

“New Prospects”

print, 2017

upcoming mini-zine, 2017

photo taken at Pinkpop 2017

“I Got Them Blues”

visual essay (video), 2017


poster, 2017


photo series, 2017

“We don’t deserve this”

print, 2017

“A Study Of Plants”

ongoing research project, 2016—now

“Less Inclined To Comment When Presented With The Facts”

prints, 2017

“Dimensions of perspective”

portraits, 2016

Tivoli’s New Years Staff Party

poster, 2016


risoprint, 2016


postcard, 2016


photo taken at Pinkpop 2016


single shot, 2016


poster, 2016

“Have I Seen This Before?”

video installation, 2015


logo, 2015
in collaboration with Manon Kersten


silkscreen prints, 2015


photo series, 2015

TivoliVredenburg Staff Events

poster, 2015 — ongoing

“Ways Of Seeing Seeing”

part of graduation project, 2014

“A Guide To Recognizing Your Hermits”

photo series, 2014


photo serie, 2014

“Extra City”

identity design in collaboration
with Remco van Bladel, 2014

“Everyday But Not Today”

part of graduation project, 2014

“Schone Schijn”

video project, 2013


identity, 2013


photo series, 2013

“Does it really matter?”

temporary website, 2013


poster, 2012


mini zine, 2012


single shot, 2012